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Cute As A Button - Terms of Use

All Cute As A Button Designs and Pink Diamond Designz illustrations are © Francesca Lopez.

The purchase of a Cute As A Button Designs digi stamp grants the purchaser a license to use the digi image to create hand-made custom greeting cards and paper crafts projects. Finished cards and paper craft items made with Cute As A Button Designs digi stamps may be sold only by the licensee on a small scale, per-item basis.  If you plan on selling more than 10 handmade cards/projects, you will have to purchase an Extended Use License for up to 100 handmade projects/cards for a one time fee of $40 for each image sold, plus the purchase price of each image.  If you plan on selling above 100 handmade cards/projects, please contact me for an Unlimited Extended Use License.  Additionally, if you are a church or bible group, please contact me for special terms of use and pricing.

For commercial use of Cute As A Button Designs images and all non-paper craft purposes such as blog mastheads, logos or print-on-demand merchandise, a separate clip art license from Cute As A Button Designs is required (a digi stamp license does not permit mass production nor use on non-paper craft merchandise items). 

For mass production of merchandise such as t-shirts, mugs, key chains, bookmarks, etc. A Royalty Commercial License would have to be obtained.  Please contact me for an application and more details.

Cute As A Button Designs images may be posted online only if each image is credited to Cute As A Button Designs by Francesca Lopez with a link to that item's page in my shop, and if the image is covered by a watermark that effectively prevents illegal copying and/or redistribution.

In our ongoing efforts to combat digital piracy, Cute As A Button Designs/Pink Diamond Designz image files (or printouts thereof) may not be swapped, shared, copied, sold, traded nor otherwise redistributed.

Cute As A Button Designs digi stamps may be colored, flipped, rotated, cropped and scaled by the licensee. Deleting line work from a Cute As A Button Designs image is prohibited without explicit emailed permission from Francesca Lopez; however it is permitted to add line art, items and/or accessories to the image. 

Digital Scrapbooking
All my products may NOT be put into scrapbooking kits as individual elements as png or psd files, as is (or very similar),  so that the designer is simply repackaging my work into a new product and calling it by another name and claiming to be the designer (this would fall under the category of resale/redistribution). The Buyer may use the Product as design resource in rendered images and derivative images (like paper or quickpages) for for any commercial projects, as long as the Artist's work is protected from extraction and the Buyer has not violated any other terms of the License. Original images sold in our store may NOT be included in scrapkits or commercial scrapbooking products for sale or to be given away online.

Decoupage Sheets, Instant Digital Card Companies or similar like craftUprint or card making download, etc.

You can not simply add in your package our digital stamps on a sheet (solid background). You can not just cut some parts of the image and do the same thing. This is not a derivative work. "Due to repeated violations of our terms of use, this kind of  commercial use is not permitted anymore."


Sell MORE Card Kits and Craft Sheets on Craftsuprint!

For card kit and craft sheet designers who sell on Craftsuprint,  CafePress, ImageKind, Zazzle, and similar online mass market, image-based stores and similar websites, we offer a low, one-time fee per image, Digital Card Kit License for creating downloadable card kits and craft sheets with Cute As A Button Designs digi stamps. 

Buyers are not permitted to upload my image compositions, files or products, as is, to create products on a mass market basis online in their own stores. That is akin to providing my original work in its original form to a mass market under your own name. You may, however, create a unique design of your own using my products (like a collage background with figures or various design elements on it) and upload that as your own product. This leaves plenty of room for the use of the design resources for these venues. But you can not simply upload my images, in their original form, as the basis of a mass marketed product. Please note: this is a stronger rewording of an earlier statement in an effort to clarify the "no resale/redistribution" prohibition in this specific category of usage. There is no intention to confound anybody. The concept is the same: You can use the products to create your own derivative designs but you can not simply resell my original products, and especially not in the same stores in which I am selling it.

Read more on our Digital Card Kit License page, and email Francesca Lopez at for details.

Cute As A Button Designs images are available for Commercial Use:

Our fun and whimsical quirky characters are available for commercial use. Use Francesca's vector, JPG and PNG files in your designs for logos, ads and other print materials, team banners, apparel and print-on-demand merchandise.

...and yes, Cute As A Button Designs does custom work.

...Would you like a digi or clear stamp, cartoon profile pic, comic strip or animation of yourself or your significant other?

For questions regarding commercial use or custom work, please email Francesca at


Thanks for Gracing Your Crafts with Cute As A Button Designs!

Francesca Lopez